Next meeting November 5th!

Now that we have finished our bookclub book, we have one more meeting November 5th.  I need you to RSVP if you plan on attending.  The meeting will be brown bag, noon-1:00 pm.  Please e-mail me at  This is our last meeting of 2012.  We may cancel if I don’t receive RSVP, thank you.

Chapter 11: Detoxifying Your Life for Life

Week 8:  Committing to the Detox Lifestyle – Changing Our Minds Means Changing Our Lives This chapter sums up all the chapters preceding it, stating that what we eat builds up over time within our body and we want to basically keep up the great work!  We want to continue a disease free lifestyle.  This book … Continue reading

Chapter 8: A Carb is Not a Carb is Not a Carb

This is a great chapter telling us to focus on what type of carbs we are eating, which is the takeaway and most important point.  Whole grains, one group of carbohydrates focused on, are powerhouses of energy and lasting stamina, but what are whole grains?  Whole grains are grains in their natural form, quinoa, brown rice, millet … Continue reading

Chapter 7: The Skinny on Fat

This week we discuss good fats and bad fats and their relevance to our diet.    Alex explains how to read food labels related to fat content in packaged items including low-calorie, reduced calorie, calorie free, fat-free, low-fat, and free, no or zero.  She also defines what fat is, and that while all fats contain 9 … Continue reading

Chapter 4 “Everyone into the Pool”

Please note:  All the material in this blog is excerpt from the book “The Great American Detox” by Alex Jamieson Chapter 4 highlights the importance of water.  Drinking 10 glasses of water replaces the water we lose during the day which consists of 2.5 liters.  We lose 2 cups of water due to perspiration, 2 … Continue reading