Chapter 1: The All-American Guinea Pig: Morgan’s Story

To introduce the 8-week detox, Alex Jamieson describes the daily diet and resulting symptoms and health concerns experienced by her then boyfriend, Morgan Spurlock, who put together the documentary “Super Size Me”. 

What I noted was the diet pre-McDonalds consisting of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruit and organic meats and dairy products.  I can only assume that if your body is not used to eating a specific way whether it be having a wholesome diet and then going to a fast food diet or the other way around, that your body would have negative reactions of trying to accommodate the new eating style.

Food and mood is highlighted in the chapter when the relationship between the sugar, fat and caffeine ingested resulted in depression, fatigue, headaches and bloating.  Morgan had gained 24.5 lbs after 30-days of the McDonald only diet and an addiction to McDonald’s food as his only way to feel better.  His liver began to fail after the third week and his blood pressure and cholesterol skyrocketed. 

The food that Morgan had been eating during his McDonald month was overly processed and stuffed with chemicals, fillers and flavor-enhancers that can become toxic in the body.  Jamieson backs up her statements of fast food with actual research published in the Lancet, which is a prestigious medical journal.  The Lancet showed a correlation between eating fast food and obesity and insulin resistance.  The research proved that individuals who eat fast food 1-2 times per week weigh an average of 10 lbs more than those who do not.

I know Alex and she often uses the phrase “food products’ to describe any food that is not naturally occurring.  Foods that are packaged, processed and preserved as those foods available for purchase at McDonald’s.  She makes mention of the movie “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser.  I plan to watch this movie soon, as it exposes the fast food industry and describes in detail how food is formulated and manufactured for fast food restaurants.  Alex also suggests that instant oatmeal and fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt are also food products due to the sugar and preservative content in these items.  Ingredients listed for the food Morgan ate during his 30-day McDonald diet included ammonia and sodium aluminum phosphate, both toxic and harmful chemicals. 

The detox diet that Alex created for Morgan eliminates sugar, refined carbohydrates (white bread, white sugar, and white rice), coffee, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and meat for 8-weeks, while slowly adding water, whole grains, nuts and seeds, phytochemicals rich fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, and liver supporting herbs and greens.

When Morgan began the detox diet Alex created for him, he did have symptoms for the first three days.  The book doesn’t explain the extent of his symptoms but I can assure you that they had included migraines, depression and nausea.  After 8-weeks of the detox diet, Morgan lost 10 lbs and his liver function, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and mental attitude when back to normal.  After these 8-weeks Morgan began exercising again and lost the remaining weight.

Alex created this book, the Great American Detox Diet, after thousands of request from fans of the documentary.Lisa's Lentils

I hope that you will all enjoy reading this book, implementing Alex’s suggestions and cook the delicious dishes represented in the recipe section.

If at anytime you would like to discuss the book or your own detox symptoms, please contact me at  Also, check out the updates I made to the Lisa’s Lentils website at  I have a new special running, if you are a new subscriber to my newsletter, you will receive a guide to Abundant Living, brand new from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Have a great week!


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