Chapter 11: Detoxifying Your Life for Life

Week 8:  Committing to the Detox Lifestyle – Changing Our Minds Means Changing Our Lives

This chapter sums up all the chapters preceding it, stating that what we eat builds up over time within our body and we want to basically keep up the great work!  We want to continue a disease free lifestyle.  This book gave us great information on toxicity not only in our food but also in our environment with some very practical advise to follow. Alex covers mindful eating in this chapter as we’ve visited this topic with our previous book club book, The Slow Down Diet.  You can refer to information regarding mindful eating in previous blogs.  In addition to that information, Alex suggests finding a peaceful place where we can focus on our meals and listen to our bodies when they are full.  She suggests cutting down on the time spent in front of the TV.

Alex focuses on what we call Primary Foods.  Primary foods are relationships, physical activity, and career.  She states that if your career or relationship is off-balance, even eating a healthy nutritious diet is not going to make you feel any better until all areas in your life are balanced.  She writes about stress and stress eating as a vicious cycle, stress causes loss of energy, headaches and when you have no energy, you don’t feel like cooking meals for yourself so you order take out, delivery or drive thru to save time.  The food that you are getting is supporting stress in your body so it’s a cycle that needs to be broken.  She explains the cycle of stress as our bodies reacting to biochemical activity of neurotransmitter activation and hormones being released.  When our body is under stress our heart pumps faster and our blood pressure rises.  Our gastrointestinal process slows down  and our body goes into a flight or fight response and our bodies get run down.

A couple of ways to combat stress include physical activity and meditation.  Being sedentary contributes to an unbalanced lifestyle and a diseased state and sometimes the best way to combat stress is to move!  Most people don’t find exercise very exciting or fun, with all the options out there, yoga, bike riding, and running, it’s surprising more people don’t enjoy physical activity.  But moving our bodies is great because it helps us to face the day, de-stress, and loosen up.  Alex even suggests walking around your office building or house for 20 minutes a day to help with circulation and waking your body up. 

This chapter also includes help in breathing and releasing toxins through our breath and skin.  She highlights meditative breathing and sauna/sweating.  Other therapy suggestions are enema/colonics, hot skin scrub, sea and epsom salt baths (my favorite), and massage.

Let’s all make an effort to get our bodies moving at least 30 minutes/day!

Next Week – Recipe Recommendations and don’t forget about our upcoming meeting on November 5th, Noon-1:00 p.m. in Regent 302 on the CU Boulder Campus!


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